A day before cooling off day

Before I go any further, I emphasize that I’m NEITHER for NOR against any parties at this point of time.


Let’s just let our imagination run wild..

Let says:
Opposition parties won at least 45 seats.
But do you know there will be at least 3 opposition parties in parliament?

So next,

  1. Who shall be the next PM?
  1. Who will be heading Ministry of Defence
  2. Who will be heading Ministry of Education
  3. Who will be heading Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources
  4. Who will be heading Ministry of Finance
  5. Who will be heading Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6. Who will be heading Ministry of Health
  7. Who will be heading Ministry of Home Affairs
  8. Who will be heading Ministry of Law
  9. Who will be heading Ministry of Manpower
  10. Who will be heading Ministry of National Development
  11. Etc..

Can we see a picture now?

This is not a game of money matters only.
It involves life, the safety and security, preventing of weird virus, foreign affairs, etc.
Are you comfortable enough to reset back to 50 years?

Quoting a statement from late Mr. Lee.
“Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him. Or give it up.
This is not a game of cards. This is your life and mine.
I’ve spent a whole lifetime building this and as long as I’m in charge, nobody is going to knock it down.”

I believe when he mention is not a game of cards, is our life and his. He could probably seen it.



I understand a lot of Singaporean, INCLUDING myself are feeling unhappy and stressful with things like:

The cost of living
Housing price increasing. Education fee increasing. Transport fee increasing
Everything is increasing, but salary didn’t increase/ increase slower than anything else.

The Foreign Talent
At least to be fair, separate talents with workers

– people possessing natural aptitude or skill
– a person who does a specified type of work or who works in a specified way.

Is ok as long as they are really talent, not some only talk do nothing.
However, isn’t it wiser to get the talent to guide/train Singaporean to be another talent, within a limited period of time in

We must not deny the fact that we need foreign worker, like domestic worker, construction worker, cleaning worker.

But not to an extend when a bunch of people come over Singapore start spit all around, pee or poo in public, sleep in public, or even kneel in the mid of road, causing Singapore to feel disturbed, making a clean Singapore dirty.

When we educate the worker on the job, isn’t it wiser to educate/ highlight them about our culture, our rules & regulation?

CPF (especially)
I still kinda confuse. When housing fully paid and medisave remains, a place to stay and medical taken care of.
Why got money, can see can’t touch?
Could it be an untold plan to save up for our funeral? Thank leh.


Psychologically ‘poison’! We have been.
Everyone is just arrow-ing others wrong/bad, leading us only to listen/see/say the bad side of everything, even when it’s meant to be good.. it will turn bad.
Just because we are blinded, we became single minded.

By nature, anything remains stable; it’ll changes to bad.

A garden of flower will dry and wrinkle, unless you water it to blossom.
A wood will turn dusty and moldy, unless you wipe it.
An iron will turn dull and rusty, unless polish it.

Same goes to your view.. blinded
Sitting on a chair too high, your chin is above others, you will not let you see clearly what’s beneath.
Sitting too low, their head is down below, their hands is out of reach what’s above.


These 9 interesting days of You say me, I say you. You attack me, I attack you are like watching OKTO channel.
There are also examples, like tiger mouse and cruise.
Just happen to come across this interesting article (from here)
So, extracting a portion to share here:

The Blacksmith’s Forge (Moulding the Future)
The forge hearth is the center of the blacksmith’s work. It is in the fire of the forge that the iron is heated to incandescent red, orange, yellow and white heats. For only at these highly elevated temperatures can the iron and steel be made plastic enough to be shaped and deformed easily and without damage to their granular structure.

There are 4 things you need to forge a good steel. You need the metal stock (iron), you need an anvil, you need a hammer, and then you need a roaring hot coal furnace, blasting out 1,400º F/ 760º C.

We clearly had the metal stock (iron) we needed, even if the rest of the world didn’t believe it. So few noticed, perhaps because we assembled it player by player over several years. But perhaps their biases were years out of date, too.

Most sword experts agree that the ideal range for a durable and sharp sword is somewhere between 0.5 and 0.7 carbon content. As with everything, finding the right balance of the composite materials is the essential. Then it must be forged under the right conditions.

blacksmith7The furnace for this steel would be the white hot competition burning at 1,400ºF/ 760º C, while we form and reform the spine and the belief of this team.

The anvil is that thing against which the material is shaped. The imperative of a steely resilience by this team was its anvil.

The hammer is the onslaught, the attacks by our worthy foes on the field of competition, the blow upon blow which we met and which serve to make us stronger, to form us. If we go through 10 more times, we would become better and stronger through that process.

But above all you need a master craftsman. One has shaped and formed a number of teams through the white heat of competition.

Make no mistake. This week have changed us, formed us, forged us into something.

I believe most of us just don’t wish to eventually become People’s Republic of Singapore (PRS) one day.

Okay! Tomorrow, Cooling off day.
The best time for us to keep calm, take a clearer look at individual ‘resume’ and make a sound decision.
#votewisely #ge2015


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